Keep ship anchored while in the sea… breath.

Full-time travelers, digital nomads, world schoolers… whatever you want to call it, we have uprooted, stored our belongings, and soared into a new phase of our life.  This is not a vacation (although sometimes it feels like one!).  Rather, it is part of our journey.  It is a calling, a dream fulfilled, an impossibility made possible!  We don’t know what doors will open or where the path leads, but we trust it’s right because it feels right.  We will inspire other families while enriching our own.

Traveling gives us the opportunity to bond and grow as a nuclear family.  As we alter our daily routine, Dhyan (7 years old) and Arelia (5 years old) have the advantage of having their parents as teachers!  And while traveling expands our awareness, we also get to preserve their innocent nature and foster a healthy sense of self.

Immersing ourselves into different communities is thrilling.  The list of benefits goes on and on including learning about languages, food, music, dance, art, history, geography, and more.  New sights, sounds, smells, and ways of life are deeply nurturing to our creative nature.  Making new friends around the world is a treasure that lasts a lifetime.

Live a life by design, faithfully, intentionally, and tenaciously.  Indeed it is the surest way to feel free.




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