Divine Timing: Graeagle

A Peaceful Place, A Time of Loss



You choose these places, or do they choose you?



After visiting our California clan for a few months, staying with family, we knew we needed our “own” place.  So we did the routine research (although it feels a little weird researching Airbnb’s in your own state).



When Anna and I were brand new, 17 years ago, we would visit Uncle John and Aunt Janet’s Graeagle cabin at least twice a year.  This tradition became a part of us, our relationship, though you don’t realize those types of things until you look back on them years later.  Then, a few years back, to our dismay and with great sadness, they had to let go of the cabin.


While searching for places to stay in California we happened upon a good fit in Blairsden, Graeagle.  For various reasons, not the least being nostalgia, we decided on a 6 week stay in our old stomping ground.  It turned out to be the perfect place, as so often happens, but not only in the ways we expected.


Of course, we knew we’d love Graeagle, and the chance to show the children a place so dear to our hearts.  However, it was more than the snow capped mountains, more than the flowing rivers, more than the wildlife and utter stillness.  It was the timing.



It’s a wonder that, even after numerous serendipities, we continue to reminisce in amazement at the uncanny timing of our stay somewhere, the fact that we happened to be in a particular place on this planet at the precise moment we were.  We reminisce in astonishment.  Does that happen to you?



This awareness is stronger than it ever has been.

We won’t be quite so surprised by this fortune going forward.  We’ll have trust, faith, and assurance that we are exactly where we are supposed to be, going exactly where we’re going, at exactly the right time, for whatever is going to happen while we’re there!  Using this anticipation as a tool, I suspect we’ll gain some advantage in this wonderful thing called life.  At the very least, we’ll use the wisdom to foster confidence, dissipate pesky doubt, and help others do the same.


Why was being in Graeagle such divine timing?  Aside from the fact that we needed to be exposed to the pure majestic awesomeness of Northern California, Sierra Nevada, Golden State… our home – no other place could have offered a more nurturing cradle to process the profound, staggering loss of our best man, Sean Manchester.



Sean was lost to us on March 31st, 2019, to a tragic kayaking accident on the Yuba river.  Being in Graeagle, so close to his home of Nevada City, allowed us to be near him at the end, and gave me the space I needed to let it slowly sink in.  It was an honor to be in the Plumas at this time, in mourning, and we give gratitude.



We see clearly, we were where we were supposed to be.  Arming ourselves with that knowledge as we move forward gives us strength and encouragement to hold our heads high with a smile on our faces, finding calm and joy, being present.  When present, our cup overflowing, we can return the gift to others, even if it’s just setting by being an example.



Sean gifted courage and confidence with his affirmations and “you got this” attitude.  We’ll exude that sentiment for others too, content in the surety that we are where we are, when we’re supposed to be.



Thank you Graeagle!

Goodbye brother, we love you!




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5 thoughts on “Divine Timing: Graeagle

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience and yourself so freely with this writing for the world and with our family. Your gentle, discerning spirits are such a gift to us and your courage an inspiration. Right place, right time.

    1. Thank you so much Tonia, we look to your incredible family as a shining example.

  2. Michael Norton May 21, 2019 — 8:56 pm

    Thank you Brian and Annamaria for this gift to those who are meant to find it. It was both divine timing and divine content in my most recent e-mail exchange with Brian that led me to reading this Blog post. This was a profound and beautiful sharing from your hearts to ours. For me it brought a fresh batch of tears as I have not yet fully grieved Sean’s passing/crossing over. He was a very big, beautiful and bright light indeed and will surely be missed by all who knew him. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, love and inspiration with us.

    1. Ever appreciative of your kindness and insight, Michael. Big love to the Norton clan.

  3. Pat Batoosingh May 24, 2019 — 7:57 pm

    What a beautiful blog, sharing with us the beauty that is ours if we reach out to take it all in.
    Also love the trust you find in your journey, everyone looks so content and yes, exactly where you all need to be!
    Love the kind words for Sean. He has a place in many of our hearts!!
    Enjoy the journey!!

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