Worldschool Family Summit – Thailand

Recap and the 100 day cough

So… Let’s see where we left off here.  Last time we posted we were leaving Croatia back in June, 2018.  Well, 5 months later and now it’s November.  Montenegro, Spain and currently in Thailand where we have been based now for 2 months! There is so much to write about.  Montenegro is unbelievably hospitable and undeniably gorgeous with its beautiful mountains.  We created relationships with our Airbnb hosts that are deep and touching.  We will definitely return to Montenegro.  It felt real, raw, and alive.


The next 3 months were in Spain. First we were in Sevilla for 1 month where we battled Pertussis with two midnight hospital runs and 111 degree heat.  We later found out Sevilla is called the “frying pan” of Spain, especially in August!  However, we enjoyed learning about the beautiful Flamenco and tapas culture, and the amazing cathedrals.  Next, we spent 2 months in Granada and really fell in love there.  We lived in the city for 1 month and then moved outside the city for another month in a small village called Restabal, where we rented a deluxe house.  Brian’s parents came and lived with us for a month!  It was awesome to have family visit and the kids loved it!  We celebrated 4 birthdays there, making sweet memories to last a lifetime.  So much happened over these last months with lessons learned and memories to cherish.

Worldschooling Summit, Chiang Mai

44950845_10156823165938767_9133412057054445568_nWe arrived in Thailand in October for the much anticipated Worldschooling Summit.  75 worldschooling families participated.  It was definitely one of the big highlights of our journey so far.

Wow! We met so many cool families who are living their dream, traveling the world and teaching their kids on the road instead of in a traditional classroom setting.  Some were just starting out while others where 22 years in.  Many use different methods of schooling but the most interesting to me was the unschooling method.  I especially enjoyed seeing the “tweens” and how awesome they are.  They are so interested in learning!!!  There were talks on so many inspiring subjects including: Teaching From Behind Mindfully, Developing a Child’s Executive Functions, The Role of Nature, Movement and Mindfulness in Education, Worldschooling and Ethics, Sustainability Abroad, and so many more!

Unschooling is a big concept to wrap your head around.  At first it appears irresponsible.  We met many unschooling families who were incorporating a more freedom-based learning style!  It’s amazing.  My initial thoughts were, “Whoa, that is a bit too alternative!”  But, the more I thought about it, the more I thought of how traditional schools are even more crazy!  School is not by any means the end-all way to be an educated adult.  Another aspect that was interesting was the conversation about unschooling yourself first – Unschool your own programming about school and how you once believed it should be.  We were intrigued.

One thing I learned from exploring unschooling was that, as homeschooling parents, we have been putting a lot of pressure on ourselves and the children to do things a certain way, whereas maybe we can relax and have less stress in our lives by being more flexible.


We are so inspired now to keep going with this lifestyle!  We have created a type of hybrid education that includes worldschooling as well as a Waldorf Homeschool program to keep us on track in terms of reading, writing and math.  We enjoy some structure followed by the freedom of learning from the world and child led education opportunities that come up on a day to day basis.  We are actually schooling all the time!  Our family culture is that of taking every opportunity to enrich our children.  Everything we do is an opportunity to learn.  Gamifying things is also a great tool.  In the end we love our lifestyle of hybrid learning coupled with a freedom that feeds us all!

A few photos:





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2 thoughts on “Worldschool Family Summit – Thailand

  1. Love the way the summit opened our minds and connected so many more like minds! Look forward to crossing paths again one day 😄

    1. Us too Colin, we hope our paths cross sooner than later!

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