A Golden Year

How the changes come
How change leads to growth
How growth fosters wisdom
How wisdom sets you free
How freedom inspires
How inspiration promotes faith
How faith brings abundance
How abundance encourages benevolence

How benevolence fuels the soul

A friend’s country oasis

Our souls are full!  Few things are as empowering as the realization that we/you are supported by the Universe.

We are a family from Northern California.  Traveling and worldschooling since March of 2017 has enriched us, and created a story we will forever be grateful for!  The experiences we’ve had, people we’ve met, and ways we’ve grown together never could have happened if we hadn’t made some bold moves.  Sometimes you have to leap at the opportunities that present themselves.

Exploring the caves and finding crystals!

Over the past nomadic year we’ve faced divinity, and we’ve faced tragedy.  It would seem that life balances out no matter where you are.  On one hand, we’ve sacrificed much being away from our families and friends.  Yet, I count less resistance to embracing life’s darker challenges among one of our greater achievements.

Building holistic retreat center

Now, we assertively choose to live with society the way we know world society can live, intentionally, consciously and honoring your dreams.  For us that means not being tied to living just one way.  Thinking outside the box and living more creatively.  Ask yourself, what is important to you?  You only have so much time on this earth.  Magnets, drawing like-minded community, we question much of what is considered acceptable and normal.  As we make ourselves available, becoming part of the change, actively in the flow of the change, a really exciting awareness surfaces: There are so many others out there feeling the same way, with a similar vision!


There is a shift happening… We call on you to be a part of it.  We have connected with some very special people on our travels and cannot understate the importance of community.  Our community has expanded to different parts of the world!


Conscious living seems to come easier with practice.  We need to help each other.  Sometimes we can be so proud of how we’ve lived a healthy day with intention!  Other days, it’s as if you suddenly wake up and find that you’ve been totally caught up in old patterns, affected by the energies around you.  Traveling makes it easier to be aware of being out of your center because you are not in a constant routine.

Spending time picking up trash on the beaches

While we dream of settling down, there’s so much more to explore!  A home base feels right, somewhere to land and jump from, a place to teach our children how to fly.  New dreams have surfaces. Thoughts of buying land somewhere and building a dream.  A long term project!! A worldschooling hub for travels to visit and connect! An apartment for renting!…   The doors are wide open for inspiration to flow in!

Pride and joy
We’re making this happen

Live the change! With gratitude for a blessed year,

The Hughes-Batoosingh’s

A day boating around the island


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2 thoughts on “A Golden Year

  1. very proud of what you have accomplished and the life experience you have given the children

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