California Love

Location: Sonoma County, CA

You don’t suppose you’ll come home to the most deadly fire in California’s recorded history, but that’s what happened.  What was supposed to be a stopover suddenly turned into a shocking struggle of survival and bureaucracy.  Our family and loved ones are safe, but not all were so fortunate.  It was traumatizing for the entire commuity.  Mom and Dad lost everything.  At one point all I had was the clothes on my back.  Well, they say everything happens for a reason..

The main purpose for our return was a joyful celebration of the highly anticipated union of our dear cousin Lilli and Brad.  But the Universe had something more sinister in store.  A massive firestorm.  90,000 people were evacuated.  We lost all of our vital records, jewelry, travel gear and documents (i.e. Passports).  Now, over four months later, we finally continue on with our travels.

We breathed in the crisp early morning air of that Italian train station feeling sad to leave, excited to go, and astonished that our 6 month trip was over.
And the main event: The marriage of Lilli (Anna’s cousin) and Brad.
Preparing for the beautiful garden wedding.  Bridesmaid, Ring bearer and flower girl!
Finger painting with Grandma and Grandpa…one of the last times before the fire.
Hearts warmed and rejuvenated, we celebrate Aunt Sarah’s birthday!
Traditional Batoosingh curry chicken and roti. Forever in our hearts, Grandma Sita!
Traveling in Sonoma County!  Grandma and Grandpa take Dhyan on the inaugural SMART train ride.  Fancy!
The cousins get to spend time with their great grandma GG!
We missed our kitty, Mia!
Our sweet girl got to spend her 5th birthday with friends from home.
Spending time with Uncle John and Aunt Janet is always a blessing.
Dhyan and Grandpa Aja.
Dhyan turns 7 and cousin Theo takes him for a ride!
Arelia and Ruby enjoy cake at D’s Tie Dye birthday party!
The kids loved being home for Halloween.
Lost of fun play dates! Dhyan and Ben in the Armstrong Redwoods.
Thanksgiving with Uncle Jaime and Uncle Barry.  Yum!
Beloved friends!
New Year’s chili with The Scurini’s at the beach! Excited for 2018!!
Great Gramma Virginia’s 96th Birthday!!!

So much happened during our return, from tragic to wonderful.  Almost too much, and yet it was all somehow meant to be.  Arelia learned to ride her bike.  We camped out in Grandma Carol’s backyard for 2 weeks.  The best part was reuniting with family and friends.  Our nieces, Zoe and Kira, and our nephews, Louis and Theo, are so very dear to our hearts.  Sonoma County is ridiculously beautiful.  And yet, as we spread our wings and head off to Finland, there is a comforting sense of excitement among the four of us.  Traveling is just so darn fun (and sort of addicting)!

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3 thoughts on “California Love

  1. I love this! With all the ups and downs, adventures – and FIRE (!?!), what a beautiful life 💚💙💜 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Pat and George batoosingh July 3, 2018 — 3:09 am

    We came together, our love, bigger than any flames, and our spirit, able to soar above the smoke. We believe in our strength to rebuild our lives, and embrace all that is true and good, and we will go on loving life.
    We also come together to support you on your journey, wishing you many happy adventures!

    1. Your ability to endure, and your tremendous resilience, astonished me. Bravo!
      Thanks Mom!

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