Graceful Vis

Location: Vis Island, Croatia




Our country house in Marinje Zemlje



Part of us secretly desires to discover a haven.  That ideal place with all the pieces we crave to be healthy and thrive.  A place that would entice us enough to settle down and continue raising Dhyan and Arelia in peace, harmony, and beauty.  Vis Island resembles this place.  It’s special, and we are enamored.  We consider what it would mean to live here.







As the ferry from Split steered in to the quaint little bay we both looked at each other, struck by the charming turquoise coastline and sporadic villas.  Vis exudes history and feels raw, like you’ve landed in another time.  Spirit is strong here.  Time is on your side.  Small, quiet, remote, safe, clean, happy, and fresh, there’s a sparkly sensation, as if you’ve happened upon a precious jewel.  Pure and welcoming, Vis easily seeps in, drawing you out.





After living here for six weeks, Vis has our hearts.  I’m not sure if we found this island, or if it found us, but it spurred us to find ourselves.  Vis whispers calmly to your soul, offering tender embrace.  The mesmerizing sapphire water, sweet smelling countryside, unforeseen friendliness, and utter stillness all captivate us.






We love you Vis.

With gratitude,

The Hughes-Batoosingh’s

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10 thoughts on “Graceful Vis

  1. Great post! I love Vis too…lol. You convinced me easily. 🙂 Thanks for all the pictures. My favorite hands down Arelia’s beach pose! And the family dinner at the end. Im sure you all are feeling a nostalgic ache of missing Vis, a home away from home, for a moment.
    Sending love!

  2. What sweet sentiment. Well written! I’m happy for you all.

    1. Hi there. Debbie here from the Credit Union. So happy for you guys. What lovely photo’s. Heavenly experience for you guys.

  3. It looks beautiful. If you stay, we’ll come and visit. Wishing you the very best!!!

  4. So stunning, romantic, and beautiful Anna! I am incredibly inspired and mesmerized. Lots of love and hugs to you guys!

  5. What a wonderful experience for you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing it! Uncle Paul

  6. The natural beauty is completely mesmerizing! How you were able to work is unimaginable.

  7. Your words paint a beautiful picture. Thank You for sharing the Vis Chapter of the adventure. You’ve started with a gem of a visit! I look forward to hearing and seeing more!!

  8. Blessings on your search for the ideal place to settle down and raise your children. May you find it (or may it find you) with Divine timing. Thank you for sharing images and words about your various life experiences traveling the world 🙂

  9. Pat and George batoosingh July 3, 2018 — 2:26 am

    I want to be there!

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