Kids Travel Schedule

Location: Vis, Croatia

Traveling enables you to do whatever you want whenever you want, and we’re taking advantage of that.  But sometimes you need a little direction.  One of our favorite aspects of this kid focused schedule is that it’s not overly rigid.  As long as you fit in most of the important pieces each day it’s a win for the whole family.  So far it’s working out really well.

A comforting sense of familiarity is emerging, and it’s not all just cappuccino’s and strolls along the promenade.  The transition from chaos to stability took a solid five weeks.  Using some elements from the Waldorf school of thought we created a fluid schedule that’s been helping foster harmony in our family.  You still have to work around life’s responsibilities, but overall there’s way less stress.  It requires deliberate planning and effort, but we feel having a schedule is an important part of healthy living abroad.

Within a couple weeks of being on the road we began to feel a desire for more structure.  Then, one inspired day, we came up with a list outlining our ideal day, except there were too many things to do in one day, so it turned into the ideal week.  The more you can get the kids involved, the better.  Writing down what’s important to everyone helps to make sense of it all.  Plus you can see if there’s anything missing.  So far it’s proven to help make the days go smoother.

This is a good time to mention that saving grace, snack time.  Make time in your daily schedule for snack times.  I can’t tell if it’s because the kids are actually in need of food, or if it’s just out of habit when they’re bored, but if you find peanut butter at the market buy two jars.  They’re always hungry!  This isn’t exactly exclusive to travel but it is relevant to keeping the peace.

While the particulars are subject to change, a typical day/week goes like this:

  • Cuddle time (versus rushing out the door to make it to school on time)
  • Breakfast/Learn some foreign words (and practice them throughout the day!)
  • Morning routine/Qi Gong/Meditate/kids make their beds, dress themselves, etc.  It can be a struggle but when they feel that sense of achievement, doing it on their own, they beam with pride and can’t wait to show you.
  • Physical activity/Exercise/Morning walk/Yoga/Park/Market, although sometimes they just get creative with art, building a fort, playing legos, or something like that.  Today they were bunnies (complete with bunny cage fort) and I was their “owner” feeding them and cleaning up their “poop”…kids are so creative.
  • Snack time (each day of the week gets a certain snack so the kids know what to expect):  Veggies included every day and we’re working on making buns once a week but so far there’s homemade trail mix (which is just a fun process they love being a part of), fruit, cheese, pastries, pasta, more veggies, cold cuts
  • Circle time/Singing/Checking in with how we’re feeling/Baking/Music/Dance
  • Free time/Loud time (Arelia’s favorite)
  • Lunch
  • Arts & Crafts project/Nature Lessons/Cultural Lessons/Reading
  • Soccer/Jump rope/Scooter/Friends (more snacks)
  • Quiet time/alone time/Creative time
  • Dinner/Cooking
  • More play/Unwind
  • Evening routine takes a long time but we try to get them down by 8pm.


It’s all peaches and cream and nothing ever goes wrong!  Yea right.  It’s a flexible schedule, each day having it’s own unique activities but with a similar flow.  The trick is staying centered.  Friday night is movie night.  The weekends are more for big adventures, entertainment, and are a little looser.

We are settling in to a traveling lifestyle, maybe even starting to adjust to this slower pace of life.

We are always open to suggestions and feedback so please let us know if you have any recommendations or questions!

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1 thought on “Kids Travel Schedule

  1. pat batoosingh May 26, 2017 — 8:11 pm

    Love, the ‘schedule’! It looks like it flows very nicely. Especially like the introduction to learning new words in the morning. It engages the culture you are in, and is a good example of a larger world than we normally get to experience.
    The circle time seems valuable, after all, this is your special shared journey!
    The pictures also tell a wonderful story of all the beautiful places you have been able to enjoy.
    It’s fun to share the journey with you, thanks for sharing!
    What’s next?
    Love, Mom and Dad

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