1 Month: Zadar to Vis

motovun_viewMotovun was our first stop after leaving Rovinj.  A small castle on top of the world.  Spring in Istria was more beautiful than we had anticipated.

B&D_MotovunThe boys on the hills of Motovun.  The Mediterranean climate makes you want to lay in the grass and take a nap.

Hello_DalmatiaWe left the rich forested hills of Istria and entered Northern Dalmatia where the landscape changed dramatically to rugged rocky mountains with a multitude of enchanting islands.

Park_ZadarOnce settled in Zadar we quickly found the nearest park within walking distance.  There is a cafe next door where parents can attend to their little ones while enjoying a beverage.  This seems to be a common theme in Croatia.

Fam_Sea_OrganThe Sea Organ in old town is really fun to listen to when the waves start rolling.  In Zadar the fusion of past and modern is palpable.

sun_salutationAnother piece of modern art, the Sun Salutation, lights up the sky in the evening and playfully changes colors to the delight of all.

Mladen_BBQOur host, Mladen, invited us to one of his delicious weekend BBQ’s where we got to meet his family, friends, and drink their homemade wine and grappa!  It’s hard to grasp that as recent as the 1990’s Zadar was ravaged by war, and these are the people who endured it.

ranch_ZadarMladen took us to his family’s property about a mile out of town.  Everyone was so kind.  Zadar was clean, peaceful, and definitely grew on us.

Arelia_Anna_PlitviceThe Plitvice Lakes are truly stunning.  Dhyan and Arelia were awesome hikers!

Plitvice_FamSuch a wonderful day in nature.

Arelia_ferryAfter a 2 hour bus ride we took the faithful Jadrolinija ferry to Vis island.  Arelia thought it was a good time for a game of memory cards.

cozy_room_visEvery window in the apartment looks out over the sapphire waters and the sun comes streaming in in the afternoons.

Pier_VisIt’s hard to convey the deep level of contentment we feel here on Vis.

yoga_timeOh yea, finding that rhythm!  The best part is that the kids really enjoy yoga and stay engaged.

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.” – Rumi

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2 thoughts on “1 Month: Zadar to Vis

  1. Such A Beautiful Place, I’m glad you guys are having a great time. Looking forward to more lovely pictures of your journey… Be safe and Enjoy!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful travel pics.

    Best Regards
    SFCU Member Service Rep

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