Finding a Rhythm

Location: Rovinj, Croatia

We were in a healthy rhythm back in Sonoma County.  Knowing what to expect helps ease the flow, especially for the children.  One of the most important things I learned as a manager last year was how important it is to set expectations.  Let’s just say finding a rhythm thus far has been…challenging.  We know we want it.  We know we need it.  But it’s elusive.  The word “transition” is key here.

All of us are taking on new roles, just diving right in and learning as we go.  For example, Anna has had to figure out how to work with a team in a different time zone.  Our activities have to be coordinated around her work schedule.  Of course Dhyan and Arelia are the first priority and in case we forget, they remind us.  Everything is completely new to them, shocking even, and in order to provide them with a sense of comfort and security it’s more important than ever that we have a routine.  I’m suddenly in charge of the kids more than I ever have been, which is slightly daunting in it’s own right, but I have things I want to do too and the days keep slipping away.

When we do have time all together we want to go on outings.  There’s so much to see and do!  Then it’s time for dinner, kids to bed, and what dad doesn’t like to pass out with his kids now and then?!  So when was I supposed to find that job, write that blog, post that video, write that book, get that exercise, do that meditation?  Ahh, I have a free hour.  I’ll just sit down and.. pay some bills, do some laundry, rent a car, buy some bus tickets, how are we getting to Vis again?  It’s funny because it’s true.  Did I mention we all got sick?  Not helpful.  We had this really cool idea to learn at least a word a day in Croatian.  That one is actually going ok.

We have an awareness now.  It’s a really significant piece that’s starting to become more clear which is encouraging and tells me a rhythm is taking shape.  It’s not like we didn’t know we were going to go through a huge transition/transformation.  You know it’s going to happen but what with everything else going on as you’re getting ready to leave there’s no way to prepare for it.  Flexibility is another key word here, along with patience, determination, perseverance, good humor.  Less jumping around is beneficial.

Each day gets us a step closer to finding our new travel rhythm.







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5 thoughts on “Finding a Rhythm

  1. So bold! Love your blog! Sincerely so happy for you all! Life is miraculous! Much love, Debra, TSN

  2. Pat and George Batoosingh April 14, 2017 — 9:58 pm

    Great picture! The weather looks inviting and the smiles make us happy too. Wish we were there!! In the meantime, enjoy for us all. Love, Mom and Dad

  3. So happy to be able to follow you on your journey together. What an incredible experience. I am glad you are flowing and trying to find balance.

    Is there a way to be notified each time you post something?

    My love,


    1. Thanks Lea, nice to hear from you. Send love to Steve. I think there’s a “follow” button…I’ll try to find a better answer

  4. Brian Annamaria and kids, your finally there!!!! Your ideals are becoming real and it is amazing! I am in awe of your courage!!! Just be gentle with yourselves, take in all the beauty and all the wonders of this beautiful world 🌎 I am really enjoying your blog! Ciao

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