The How

fullsizeoutput_dc9I’d like to take this opportunity to send big love and admiration to my wife, Annamaria!  To put it simply, Anna has a remote job as a Web Developer where she can work anywhere (so long as she has Wifi or data).  What’s more, she has the blessing of the company she works for to work abroad.  If it wasn’t for Anna’s remote position this dream would have been a lot harder to fulfill.  We always wanted to work and travel, and one can’t help but to feel like, in some way, this was manifested this journey.

When Anna and I met we had a few big things in common and one of them was travel. We started traveling together the moment we met. Now, 15 years later and with two kids (ages eight and six), we took off again to see the world as a family. Whenever we would tell people that we were going traveling, for a year or so, we’d often get asked, “How are you going to do that?”  As the departure date neared and it all started to get very real, we could sense that everyone was taking us more seriously.

It was no easy feat.  Most of what remains of us in our hometown in Sonoma County is in two storage units.   Another huge part of how we did it was believing that we could.  Trusting that when you follow your dreams everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.

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4 thoughts on “The How

  1. Pat and George Batoosingh April 3, 2017 — 5:27 pm

    Yes, Batventures are looking good! The pictures and stories let us adventure with you. What’s next? Can’t wait to find out. … XOXOXO Mom and Dad

  2. You have left a lot more than two storage units in Sonoma County. You have a lot of family that is rooting for you on your big adventure. It is a leap of faith on your part and you are incredibly fortunate that you are able to do this now. The big gift is to your children who will never forget this time.

  3. Keep on keeping on you Hughes-Batoosingh tribe of four. You are an inspiration!
    I’m loving seeing your photos, your words of your adventure. 💞
    Lovesh you,

  4. Powerful Anna Mama!

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