Slow Living is Hard!

I’m a culprit of having a “go go go” mentality!  It’s been hard to be ok with slowing down.  Every morning I wake up and it feels like I have to do something.  There’s nothing wrong with hard work, unless it comes at the expense of your peace and joy.  Slow living takes practice when you’ve been raised in a culture that’s on the go.  So while Anna and I are going to have to work at it, we’re so grateful that the kids are getting exposed to a different pace early on.  Here you can see Dhyan is having no problem getting into the groove.  We called this picture Buddha Dhyan.

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2 thoughts on “Slow Living is Hard!

  1. I’m so Ready emotionally to have a “slow, slow, slow” life but I’m not able at this point to convince the rest of me. Your generation has it even harder!
    The image of Dhyanbuddha, made me want to close my eyes & settle right down!

  2. Dhyan Buddah! Love it. Slow slow slow linger and smell the roses is a great pace to live. Enjoy the freedom of life on the road away from the U.S of fast pace A…. (USA)

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