Day 5: From Rome to Rovinj

FCO_Anna_KidsHi Rome!  We brought a couple cuties to spruce up the place. around the city center of Ferrara on her awesome yellow bike, this Mail Lady was quite cheery.  Why didn’t we think of that?


sunset.TriesteI guess my walk back from the bus station in Trieste wasn’t all that bad. little dragon girl is a real trooper.  This was a 10 min smoke break for the bus drivers on the way to Rovinj from Trieste.  Gorgeous drive with Adriatic views.  First impression of Croatia is clean, surrounded by Birch forests and green rolling hills.


Croat.washing.machineOur new little place (which we adore) has a washing machine.  Time to do a load.  ..Uhm, a little help please?  (It only took about 15min to decipher, I swear.)


IMG_5333White stone streets in the town center of Rovinj are worn to a smooth gloss and sorta make you giddy to walk on.



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3 thoughts on “Day 5: From Rome to Rovinj

  1. So wonderful!

  2. You are taking lots of nice pictures! I love it!

  3. Awesome pics!

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